Apple customer based brand equity framework

What events could you plan and host to increase customer involvement with your brand or product. Every time critics point out how much cheaper other brands are they help reinforce, well, how much cheaper other brands are. How well does your marketing strategy communicate your brand's relevancy to people's needs.

Breadth of brand awareness refers to the range of purchase and consumption situations where the brand comes to mind. But Apple operates under the same laws of brand physics that your brand operates under.

Brand salience relates to aspects of the awareness of the brand, e.

Apple's Consumer Based Branding Model

For example, what can you do to encourage behavioral loyalty. Brand feelings also relate to the social currency evoked by the brand. Customers judge a product or brand based on its actual and perceived quality. After careful analysis, she knows that she is marketing in the correct category, but she realizes that her marketing efforts aren't fully addressing customer needs.

Customers should go beyond having a positive attitude to view the brand as being something special in a broader context. The first three are more experiential and immediate, increasing in level of intensity. Building Customer-Based Brand Equity: Consumers may have associations to the product that go beyond its functional aspects to more aesthetic considerations such as its size, shape, materials, and color involved.

Why brand equity of apple is best In the age of competition why Apple brand value is so much more valuable than any other companies.

In this context we also need to point out that the role of the end users or the general customers happens to be rather prime. Building a strong brand with significant equity is seen as providing a host of possible benefits, such as greater customer loyalty and less vulnerability to competitive marketing actions or marketing crises; larger margins as well as more favorable customer response to price increases and decreases; greater trade or intermediary cooperation and support; increased marketing communication effectiveness; and licensing and brand extension opportunities.

Thus, some brands will be more meaningful to consumers than others, in part due to the nature of their associated product or service, characteristics of the consumer, and so on. Many factors influence the strength of a particular product or brand.

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Demographic factors might include gender, age, race, income, and marital status.

What is Customer-Based Brand Equity (And Why Should You Care)?

User imagery may focus on more than characteristics of just one type of individual and center on broader issues in terms of perceptions of a group as a whole. Finally, brands may take on associations to their past and certain noteworthy events in the brand history.

Examples of brands with high resonance include such brands as Harley-Davidson, Apple, Ebay and others. Julie decides to use the brand equity pyramid to think about the turnaround effort.

In fact I the huge gamut of the various ace quality brands who offers an array of technological gadgets such as the smartphones, the IPhones, the tablets and the other IT software, the name of the company Apple is considered to be a premium brand.

Increasing the salience of the brand in those settings can be an effective means to drive consumption and increase sales volume. As noted above, customers can view the performance of products or services in a broader manner.

How does your product or brand compare with those of your competitors. Especially IPhone and I pad are playing a foremost role in equity branding of apple. Brand Meaning — What Are You. Brand awareness influences the likelihood that the brand will be a member of the consideration set, those handful of brands that receive serious consideration for purchase.

All different kinds of intangibles can be linked to a brand, but four categories can be highlighted: Any of these different performance dimensions can serve as a means by which the brand is differentiated. So, she puts everyone through a comprehensive customer service class to improve responses to customer complaints and feedback.

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In fact one can also say that the element of brand salience helps the stronger brands become strong and the weaker brands become weak in the global market Hutt and Speh, Consider gifts with purchase, or customer loyalty programs.

Business-to-business brand management theory, research and executive case study exercises. In this context the brand Apple happens to be a market leader who rules both the market trends by introducing new technologies that again helps the company to reign supreme in the preference list of the customers.

These four levels are:. Using the customer-based brand equity framework as a guide, describe the distinctive components of Apple’s brand strategy. Keller's Brand Equity model is also known as the Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model. Kevin Lane Keller developed the model and published it in his widely used textbook, "Strategic Brand Management." Within a pyramid, the model highlights four key levels that you can work through to create a successful brand.

These four levels are: Brand identity. In Apple’s case, soft issues would seem to be yielding hard cash. For many brand managers it may be worth looking in your “soft issues” bucket to see if there is anything in there that could be used to build brand equity and profits.

If Apple can do it, so can you — really. The most common model for customer-based brand equity is the one created by marketing professor Kevin Lane Keller in his book, Strategic Brand Management.

Keller puts the model in a four-level pyramid, with the middle two layers being divided equally between two factors. Building customer-based brand equity doesn’t happen overnight, which is why Keller’s model is so succinct.

By starting at the bottom and letting customers get to know your business little by little, you create a trustworthy, likeable, and ultimately successful brand. Customer Based Brand Equity is a way of analyzing the value of particular brand in the minds of the customers.

The element of branding happens to increase the popularity of the brands with the consumers and the end customers and also increases the chances o profitability of the brand and its various products (Glynn and Woodside, ).

Apple customer based brand equity framework
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Apple’s Consumer Based Branding Model