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I don't know what diseases they may have put I don't want my food half eaten and a piece with spit and bark marks left.

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Create a true vision of exceptional service; show your employees how you want them to perform and interact with your customers. I went into your McDonalds and bought a Filet-o-Fish Meal, bad enough you guys don't give ketchup, but for you to charge me.

The middle class in the Philippines is expanding. Which is not the issue here, it's the size of the tomato and the size of the cheese.

Recognize that people matter.

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He made me wait and took long time to give what I had ordered. The customers have self service counters wherein the orders are completed in very short time. As long as you are considered to offer one of the least-desirable jobs in the marketplace, you will continue to employ people who simply do not care.

The company was commenced its fast-food operations in Canada in through its wholly owned restaurant branch McDonald's Canada. No one wants to wait in a drive thru for 10 minutes or sit in a dirty restaurant. A super-special extra bonus post: He asked me whether having here or parcel,so I told him parcel.

I start work at 8am in the morning to open the service for breakfast. The McDonald's Corporation is an international chain of quick service fast food restaurants that operates in more than countries around the world though its restaurant branches and divisions. There are more than operating McDonald restaurants in the Philippines.

Just as consistency is applied to all other aspects of the customer experience, so it should be applied to people. Mcdonalds Dubai Customer service McDonalds is well known for its fast service. She gave me the incorrect change. What kinds of work experience would provide a good background for this position.

This showed their excellent service capabilities with high quality. I unintentionally angered local McManager, Scott Kausky. Shankha Saha CallsAug 10, Mr. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I even decided to offer some help to Jane in perhaps contacting the right person or people on the matter.

Later,when he gave my parcel,I took the parcel came home. I am a good listener and I also love meeting and talking with people. Customer service is a product of company culture. The total revenue earned is What is your favourite music. It serves to approximately 68 million customers per day in all over the world.

I immediately went back and the restaurant, which was packed with teenagers, in like 10 minutes.

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The drive thru was packed but they acted like it wasn't busy at all. Have you undertaken, or do you plan to undertake any further training as part of your job. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. For any assistance customers can any time call and connect at contact details and can procure vital information.

Perhaps they finally got the message. Not to turn them into robots, but to guide them and inspire them. Good luck in your quest, this is most certainly more annoying than the usual lack of ketchup packets or pattyless burger. Skimping on franchisee and employee training is ignoring the most difficult element in your formula for success.

Not to turn them into robots, but to guide them and inspire them. Contact McDonalds Customer Service. Find McDonalds Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and McDonalds FAQ.

Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for /5(44). McDonald’s University Entrance Exam Promo Buy-One-Take-One Coke McFloat Get a FREE 16oz Coke McFloat when you purchase one (1) 16oz Coke McFloat from select McDonald’s stores near university testing centers.

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Got a question, a comment, or suggestion? We'd love to hear from you. McDonalds is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world, owning and operating 36, locations.

They have restaurants in countries and 88%(1). Jun 12,  · Best Answer: As a Customer Care Assistant, think of yourself as the face of your restaurant.

You'll deal with customers and make sure everything runs as it should in the customer areas.

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Activities include making children feel welcome, handing out balloons, looking after customers' specific needs, keeping Status: Resolved. McDonald's serves up better customer care and lower employee turnover: Two‐stage training for more than 4, staff Author(s): Abstract: Purpose – Describes the two‐stage training that quick‐service restaurant McDonald's has devised for its customer‐facing employees.

Oct 22,  · Try the McDonalds website for a job description document, or you could phone/email them.

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I think it would be in an office area, because customer care is basically answering people's queries/helping people which is on the Resolved.

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