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The court is entitled to seize the goods even if there is no person to be punished under its judgment. See additional information alongside the content Geographical Extent: Export-oriented undertaking", "free trade zone" and "special economic zone" shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them in Explanation 2 to sub-section 1 of section 3 of the central Excise Act, Show Timeline of Changes: The central Government may, be notification in the Official Gazette, make rules for the purposes of this section, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, such rules may provide for the manner in which articles liable for Customs act duty may be identified and for the manner in which the cause of market disruption or cause of threat of markets disruption in relation to such articles may be determined and for the assessment and collection of such safeguard duty.

CBP Agriculture Specialists [24] receive 11 weeks of paid training at the Professional Development Center in Frederick, Maryland as well as a post-academy training phase that varies in length according to their assigned port. For those needing Spanish language instruction, an additional 8 weeks may be required beyond the 65 days of Basic Academy training.

Continue to open You have chosen to open Schedules only The Schedules you have selected contains over provisions and might take some time to download. Would you like to continue. Due to the distance, enforcement was spotty, taxes were avoided and smuggling was rampant.


Provided further that where for any reason a Bill as aforesaid does not become law within six months from the date of its introduction in Parliament, the notification shall cease to have effect on the expiration of the said period of six months, but without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder.

These teams primarily deploy to handle high-risk operations, but also assist in events such as Hurricane Katrinathe Haiti earthquakeand other natural disasters around the globe. They participate in special enforcement, targeting, and analysis teams charged with collecting and analyzing information and identifying high-risk targets; or conducting visual and physical inspections of cargo, conveyances or passenger baggage.

Customs and Excise Act 1996

And it is hereby further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the said commissioners to be appointed, or any three or more of them, shall have the same powers and authorities for carrying into execution the several laws relating to the revenues and trade of the said British colonies in America, as were, before the passing of this act, exercised by the commissioners of the customs in England, by virtue of any act or acts of Parliament now in force, and it shall and may be lawful to and for his Majesty, his heirs, and successors, in such commission or commissions, to make provision for putting in execution the several laws relating to the customs and trade of the said British colonies; any law, custom, or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

Duration of protective duties and power of Central Government to alter them. Provided that where, on final determination, the Central Government is of the opinion that increased imports have not caused or threatened to cause serious injury to a domestic industry, it shall refund the duty so collected: Continue to open Legislation is available in different versions: The Board was created to enforce shipping regulations and increase tax revenue.

If a candidate passes these stages and is voted on the local team, they are then designated "Green Team" members and allowed to train with the certified team members. Agents detect and prevent the smuggling and unlawful entry of aliens into the United States, along with apprehending those people found to be in violation of immigration laws.

Import Specialists have the authority to issue penalties and fines, to seize prohibited or suspect cargo and to participate in negotiations and legal prosecution. Business operators should also be aware of changes to other important provisions in the new Act, including imposition of a clear deadline for return of duty guarantees.

IO also facilitates domestic HSI investigations by providing intelligence from host countries, conducting collateral investigations, and facilitating international investigations conducted by field offices within the United States.

They may also play a key role in criminal enforcement team investigations of smuggling, commercial fraud, and counterfeiting. Read our article about the Townshend Acts here.

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For the purpose of calculating under this section the special additional duty on any imported article, the value of the imported article shall, notwithstanding anything contained in section 14 of the Customs Act, 52 of or section 3 of this Act, be the aggregate of- the value of the imported article determined under sub-section 1 of section 14 of the Customs Act, 52 of or the tariff value of such article fixed under sub-section 2 of that section, as the case may be; any duty of customs chargeable on that article under section 12 of the Customs Act, 52 ofand any sum chargeable on that article under any law for the time being in force as an addition to, and in the same manner as, a duty of customs, but does not include with retrospective effect from 1st day of March - the safeguard duty referred to in section 8B and 8C; the countervailing duty referred to in section 9.

Levy of additional duty equal to excise duty. For the purpose of this section,- " domestic industry" means the producers— as a whole of a like article or a directly competitive article in India ; or Whose collective output of a like article or a directly competitive article in India constitutes a major share of the total production of the said article in India; " Market disruption" shall be caused whenever imports a like article or a directly competitive article produced by the domestic industry, increase rapidly, either absolutely or relatively, so as to be a significantly cause of material injury, or threat of material injury, to the domestic industry; "Threat of market disruption" means a clear and imminent danger of market disruption.

Subject to any rules made by the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, the countervailing duty under sub-section 1 or sub-section 2 shall not be levied unless it is determined that - the subsidy relates to export performance; the subsidy relates to the use of domestic goods over imported goods in the export article; or the subsidy has been conferred on a limited number of persons engaged in manufacturing, producing or exporting the article unless such a subsidy is for- research activities conducted by or on behalf of persons engaged in the manufacture, production or export; assistance to disadvantaged regions within the territory of the exporting country; or assistance to promote adaptation of existing facilities to new environmental requirements.

Customs - Customs Tariff Act 1975, (Act No 51 of 1975)

Border Patrol Agents must be willing to work overtime and varying shifts under arduous conditions, and be proficient in the carry and use of firearms. Every notification issued under this section shall, as son as may be after it is issued, be laid before each house of Parliament; Refund of additional duty of Customs in certain cases.

The provisions of the Customs Act, 52 ofand the rules and regulations made thereunder, including those relating to drawbacks, refunds and exemption from duties, shall, so far as may be, apply to the duty chargeable under this section as they apply in relation to the duties leviable under that Act.

The duty chargeable under this section shall be in addition to any other duty imposed under this act or under any other law for the time being in force. For the purposes of this section, - "developing country" means a country notified by the Central Government in the Official Gazette for the purposes of this section; "domestic industry" means the producers - as a whole of the like article or a directly competitive article in India; or whose collective output of the like article or a directly competitive article in India constitutes a major share of the total production of the said article in India; "serious injury" means an injury causing significant overall impairment in the position of a domestic industry; "threat of serious injury" means a clear and imminent danger of serious injury.

Notwithstanding anything contained in section 25 of the Customs Act, barge mounted power plants, falling under heading Notwithstanding anything contained in sub- 1 and 2a notification issued under sub-section 1 or any safeguard duty imposed under sub-section 2unless specifically made applicable in such notification or such imposition, as the case may be, shall not apply to articles imported by a hundred percent.

CBP Import Specialists perform their mission at more than ports of entry located at airports, seaports and land borders throughout the United States and along the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Every notification issued under this section shall, as soon as may be after it is issued, be laid before each House of Parliament. In addition, if necessary, the Finance Minister is entitled to appoint an additional Board of Appeal or several Boards of Appeal. Candidates must undergo a single scope background investigation and a polygraph examination before being appointed.

Under the new law, if the offender is a juristic person, and if the offense occurred due to the order or act of any director, manager, or person responsible for business operations, that person will face the same criminal penalties as the juristic person. Customs Officers 9 (a) The Minister shall create posts and ranks of the Customs Officers.

(b) Customs Officers shall be appointed, removed, promoted by the Minister and in accordance with this Act and regulations made. Powers of Committee of [Principal Commissioner of Customs or] Chief Commissioners of Customs or [Principal Commissioner of Customs or] Commissioner of Customs to pass certain orders Section DA Powers of revision of Board or Commissioner of Customs.

Act No. 6 of as amended, taking into account amendments up to Customs and Other Legislation Amendment Act An Act relating to the Customs. Thailand Customs Act was enacted to tackle several ambiguities in Thailand namely customs evasion and customs avoidance.


UNITY The East African Community Customs Management Act, This Edition of the East African Community Customs Management Act, incorporates all amendments up to 8th December, and is printed under the authority of Section 12 of the Acts of e East African Community Act, Revised Edition ().

Customs Act (Republic of Korea) By Ministry of Legislation INTRODUCTION Details of Enactment and AmendmentDetails of Enactment and Amendment.

Customs act
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